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Director NIIOur research groups at Product Development Cell have been working on the translational   aspect of immunology and modern biology since last 27 years. In the initial years we were instrumental in developing immunodiagnostic kit, leprosy vaccine and recombinant fermentation process for production of proteins. We have published the very first report of highest expression of recombinant protein in E. coli on Indian studies (J. Biotechnology, 1999). In recent years, we are working mostly on protein refolding from inclusion bodies, development of polymeric nanoparticle based vaccine delivery system  and design of polymer scaffold for tissue engineering applications. The research of our groups is well documented with 120 research papers, 9 book chapters and 30 patents at NII. Couple of technologies developed by us has been transferred to industry for commercialization. 

One of the notable outcomes of our research group has been the development of novel protein refolding process from inclusion bodies. This essentially involves use of mild solubilization process while protecting the existing native-like structure of protein in inclusion bodies. These methods have been used for high throughput recovery of many therapeutic proteins and has been very extensively cited worldwide (J. Biosciences and Bioengineering, 2005). The research on how inclusion bodies are formed in E. coli has supported the concept of soft and tough inclusion bodies during the expression of recombinant protein.

Our research group has also made significant contribution on improving the immunogenicity of antigens while delivering them using polymeric particles.  Notable innovations from our research group are ; development of single dose vaccines, improved immunogenicity of weak and T independent antigens, modulation of immune response using different sized polymeric particles (Biomaterials,  2007) and elicitation of memory antibody response from single dose  immunization of polymer particle based vaccine formulation (Biomaterials 2009, 2012). We have developed a nanotechnology based novel pneumococcal vaccine which does not need conjugation to a carrier protein. We have developed dry powder alum as an adjuvant to make thermostable vaccines. Apart from this, we have also developed an innovative way of polymer membrane synthesis for wound healing applications. This works as an artificial skin substitute trade marked as ARTSKNII.TM

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