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National Institute of Immunology has established itself as a premier research centre in the area of  Immunology and modern biology.  A vibrant community of researchers has been created and nurtured here at NII. We are committed to undertake research of high calibre in basic and applied immunology to devise strategies for manipulation of the immune system in order to provide protection as well as intervention against diseases. NII is further building on the credible research strength of its investigators to expand its institutional vision and address complex questions in the area of human health and disease in our society. We carry out innovative research using fundamental tools of biology. Immunology is a young science, eagerly imbibing the tools and methods of chemistry, physics and mathematics as its horizons expand. As we look ahead, we foresee the creation of the field of Immuno-Engineering, including within its ambit, immunophysics, artificial immune systems, cell therapy platforms, biomaterials and synthetic immunology; as complexities of analyses increase, so will have to stringent methods of quantitative analysis. NII will continue on its course to achieve excellence in science towards the realization of its mandate in the field of healthcare.

Amulya K. Panda

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