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Gender Issue

Gender Issue

The Institute provides equal opportunity and encourages capable women to join at all positions (student, researcher, scientist, support staff) thereby empowering them to realize their potential and leadership qualities. NII believes that the higher number of women in its Ph. D. programme is a reflection of the women-friendly ambience and a sensitive work culture at the institute. NII women community is also exposed to self-defence training programmes.

Policies and Procedures in the Context of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

The Institute is committed to provide a work environment free of sexual harassment. All the employees/students of the Institute are urged to share the responsibility to build and nurture a community that is characterized by respect for others and that is free from discrimination and harassment against women.

All employees /students are encouraged to be aware of and to report behaviour, that they perceive as sexual harassment. Such a complaint can be made to their reporting officer and/or to any member of the Special Committee constituted as described below. The reporting officer is also expected to forward the complaint to this Committee.

The Committee has been constituted as per statutory norms and is Headed by Dr. Madhulika Srivastava, a Senior Scientist of the Institute. Other members from the institute include Dr. Arnab Mukhopadhayay, Dr. Bichitra Biswal and Dr. Veena Patil. The Committee also includes Dr. Pratima Ray (Jamia Hamdard) as External Member. Ms. Sweety Batra (NII) serves as the Member Secretary. On receiving a complaint, the Committee will follow procedures as mandated by the law to conduct a thorough inquiry, with the help from additional experts as deemed appropriate.