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Details of the Programme

Details of the Programme

Details of the Programme

General Principles

  • The extent of commitment of each scientist/faculty member of NII toward this programme would be at least 12 hours of engagement per academic year. This may be distributed flexibly within one or more academic institutions, irrespective of whether the institution is a school or an undergraduate college.
  • This commitment shall be treated as a national service intrinsic to the mandate of NII, and shall neither involve remuneration/honoraria in any form, nor be treated as a cause for modification of any current institutional goals.
  • This commitment shall be designed and fulfilled in consultation and formal partnership with educational institutions.
  • Engagement with the educational institutions by NII would be on-site, and/or through e-learning approaches depending on feasibility.
  • Enough flexibility would be built in to ensure that the programme adds value to the educational institution.
  • The programme will be accommodated within NII’s annual budget as decided by DBT from time to time.
  • The programme will be reviewed for implementation at the end of one year, and for performance at the end of three years.

NII partnership with Colleges:

  • NII will enter into partnership with up to 4 undergraduate colleges in the Delhi/NCR area.
  • In each Partner college, designated NII faculty will be deployed. However, the actual numbers will depend on specific requirement(s) of each institution.
  • The level of engagement and the best time to commence the same will be decided in consultation with the appropriate authority.

Programme of engagement could include one or more of the following depending on specific need and feasibility:

  • Lectures/discussion
  • Laboratory exercises
  • Mentorship to student science projects
  • Mentorship to teacher science projects
  • ‘College Teacher Forums’ to discuss broad issues on latest developments in science, career opportunities, innovative methodologies in teaching/research science & technology policy issues, and other related areas.
  • Summer student/teacher internships
  • Any other as mutually agreed