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Sr.No. Tender No Posted Date Expiry Date Details Documents
1 NII/OTH/23-24/1023 12.Apr.2024 04.May.2024 E-Tender No. NII/EE/Civil/24-25/01 : "Renovation work in RSH Rooms at NII, New Delhi"

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2 NII/SPO/23-24/1021 16.Feb.2024 23.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/CIF-AGS/FEB/2023-24 : "CIRCULAR DICHROISM (CD) SPECTROMETER"

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3 NII/SPO/23-24/1022 16.Feb.2024 23.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/DDL-CL/FEB/2023-24 : "COMBIFLASH FLASH CHROMATOGRAPHY SYSTEM"

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4 NII/OTH/23-24/1020 05.Feb.2024 22.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/EE/Elect/265/23-24/eNIT/08 : "Manufacturing (tailor made), supply, installation, testing and commissioning (including dismantling of old defective exhaust AHUs) of exhaust AHU of the Canteen, NII, New Delhi"

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5 NII/OTH/23-24/1019 05.Feb.2024 14.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/EE/Civil/23-24/45 : "Miscellaneous works in Primate Research Centre at NII, New Delhi"

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6 NII/OTH/23-24/1018 05.Feb.2024 19.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/EE/Civil/23-24/44 : "Kota stone flooring in the animal’s open enclosures behind PRC building at NII, New Delhi"

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7 NII/OTH/23-24/1017 05.Feb.2024 19.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/EE/Civil/23-24/43 : "Providing and laying MMA joint less system in PRC animal rooms at NII"

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8 NII/OTH/23-24/1016 25.Jan.2024 14.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/EE/Elect/220/23-24/eNIT/07 : "Repairing of 300Tr. cooling towers at NII, New Delhi"

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9 NII/OTH/23-24/1015 23.Jan.2024 06.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/EE/Elect/10/23-24/eNIT/06 : "Reactivation of DWT System at NII, New Delhi"

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10 NII/SPO/23-24/1014 19.Jan.2024 16.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/CIF-AGS/JAN/2023-24 : "CIRCULAR DICHROISM (CD) SPECTROMETER"

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11 NII/SPO/23-24/1013 19.Jan.2024 16.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/RY/JAN/2023-24 : "ELECTROPORATOR"

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12 NII/SPO/23-24/1012 19.Jan.2024 16.Feb.2024 E-Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/DDL-CL/JAN/2023-24 : "COMBIFLASH FLASH CHROMATOGRAPHY SYSTEM"

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13 NII/SPO/23-24/1011 03.Jan.2024 18.Jan.2024 E-Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/PUS/JAN/2023-24 : "Imaging System for chemiluminescence and other applications"

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