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Dr. Agam P. Singh

Research Interest:

Malaria Liver-stage Biology, Key words: Parasite Knockout and Life cycle study, Antigen discovery, Malaria Vaccine, Drug discovery, Transcriptome, Protein-Protein interaction, Host-Parasite interaction, Genomics.

Summary of Research:

In the mammalian host, invasion of the hepatocytes is the first step towards developing malaria disease. Invasion by infective sporozoites is complex process and not understood very well. How parasite interacts with its host is the focus of my current research. We discovered that during early liver stage development a sporozoite surface protein (CSP) is introduced in the hepatocytes cytoplasm. CSP then shuttles into and out of nucleus of hepatocytes and changes the host transcription profile. CSP export into the cytoplasm of infected hepatocyte requires the presence of PEXEL / HTS motifs. The transport of CSP into the hepatocyte nucleus is then mediated by importins α3/β1 that binds to the nuclear localization signal (NLS) of CSP. The NLSs of CSP and NFκB p50 share the same importins. The entry of NFκB-p50 into the nucleus is strongly inhibited in cell lines expressing CSP, and in infected hepatocytes. Microarray data, from a N-terminal truncated CSP expressing cell line, showed that 40 NFκB targets were significantly down regulated. Presence of CSP in the host modifies thousands of host gene transcription that govern diverse biological processes such as metabolite transport, cell cycle, immune responses, cell growth, cell attachment, apoptosis and hypoxia and the overall effect is to enhance EEF growth.

We have the following two major areas of interest:

1. Understanding Host-parasite interactions during malaria liver stages development. Our focus is to identify Plasmodium proteins that modulate the hepatocyte cellular functions. Knockout of parasite genes combined with analyses of global changes (using omics techniques) in the infected host cell is used for the purpose.

2. Antigen/Drug discovery. We focus on

A] Knowledge based target identification for inhibitor design. 
B] Known and novel compounds assay (ex vivo and in vivo) to test inhibitor/ drug efficacy.
C] Discovery of new antigens from liver-stage parasites and evaluation in animal models.

A multi-disciplinary approach is used to address above issues.

Group Members:
Shreya, Zikra, Summaiya, Neha, Mrunali, Pinaki, Sumbul, Rajesh, Nikunj, Vivek, Vimlesh, Hemant

• Ramalingaswami Fellow, DBT, India, 2009-2014

A Chaperon family protein based malaria vaccine . Agam Prasad Singh, Himanshu Singh, Dabbu Kumar Jaijyan.Indian Patent No. 508461 Granted 8th Feb 2024 India Patent application number 201811008326
Hydroxiethyamine based Piperazine compounds, and methods of producing and using the same for treating disease. Brijesh Rathi, Snigdha Singh, Bryn Mounce, Poonam, PrakashaKempaiah, Agam Prasad Singh and Ravi Durvasula. USA Patent Application No. 17/347,720Granted1 November 2022

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(# # denotes Corresponding author)


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